Buying Non-Ferrous Metal from PA, NJ, DE and MD

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to recycle your scrap non-ferrous metal and turn it into money, we can help. We recycle virtually everything that comes in and pay you competitive prices for your scrap. We offer our services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We have visible scale read-outs so you feel confident that you are getting paid for what you bring in. Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell your scrap non-ferrous metal to us.

You can turn your scrap non-ferrous metal into money through International Non-Ferrous Metal. Contact our office today to inquire about our services.

We specialize in buying:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Insulated Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Lead
  • Batteries